International trade

Any cross-jurisdictional transaction involves transport and difficult question of private international law. Our firm advises both merchants on their rights and obligations, as well as the service providers instructed by them. Because of this we know exactly what is going on in the market and what it is the market players are entitled to expect from each other.

Our firm stood at the basis of a vast amount of recent case law on vesting and enforcing security rights on commodities. We know of the law, we know of the contractual interplay of letters of credit, bills of lading and the involvement of insurers, banks and other service providers.

Each trade has its peculiarities. Hoek Ten Katen knows of the dangers of condensation in the cocoa trade, the threat seawater poses when shipping stainless steel and the dangers of non-pierced cylinders in the scrap trade.

One of the most appealing maritime sectors is the world of break bulk. From goods that are a bit too large to fit into a container to entire factories, there is hardly any routine in break bulk. Dedicated service providers are orchestrating the most awesome transports to all corners of the world.

Our firm is advising warehouses on all sorts of matters. Warehousing is a legal field with its own peculiarities, rarely recognised by most practitioners. Good results can be made by seeing the warehousing contract for what it really is, both from the merchant's as the warehouses' point of view.

Our team is advising, contracting and conducting legal proceedings in all sectors of international trade, always combining thorough knowledge of the law with our unique knowledge of the latest trends in these sectors – legal, technical and commercial.


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